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Update on Tapas mirror:

Update on Tapas mirror: published on 5 Comments on Update on Tapas mirror:

Today is the final day of Glass Hearts being at Tapas.

They, at first, said they’d do a clarification later on. But that what they said…was basically what it said. That they have “connections” to “places”, and they’d give better deals than what other companies gave other creators. (I’m guessing like Hiveworks and stuff?) I didn’t want anything of being under any company for my comic on there. I just wanted free hosting for a mirror, LOL.

To any of my 500 800+ fans on Tapas who made it here:
welcome and thank you for coming! I’m glad to see you! ( ‘ v ‘ )/”

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Thank you for reading,
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Oh boy, what’s going on here?

Oh boy, what’s going on here? published on 1 Comment on Oh boy, what’s going on here?

So you all know Glass Hearts has a mirror on Tapas, which used to be named Tapastic (which I kept misspelling for a while as “Taptastic”). Not sure if anyone from there listened to my repeated “GO TO THE MAIN SITE” phrases. But today something surfaced on Twitter. Something very concerning, which you’ll read under the cut.Continue reading Oh boy, what’s going on here?