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we chapter two now

we chapter two now published on No Comments on we chapter two now

Hurray! We’re at chapter 2! The schedule will remain the same at the crazy “Wednesday through Saturday / four times a week“. Why? I mean…why not?

Anyways, I finally made the character section with the ones that appeared so far. I’ll add the next ones as they appear. Also the about section looks a bit better. As for the extra section, I’ll wait until I finish chapter 5, which also means until I finish volume 1. I am aiming to finish said volume before May 12th, the 8th anniversary of Glass Hearts.

And yes: I plan to make physical copies of said volume. I also plan to go to conventions in the spring / summer, with the hopes of getting a table (and of course, selling fan art prints along with volume 1). If not, I’ll at least be walking around with business cards and postcards. Cross your fingers for me, everyone!

As for individual chapters getting physical copies: that’s something I never wanted to do in the first place. But I wanted to try another self publishing service, and it was for my college thesis gallery showing. I was planning on doing this for chapter 2 and I even did two test prints: but nope, decided to just focus on volume one. It’s going to have some content that won’t be online AND it’s a freaking physical book: who doesn’t want a freaking physical book?

So yeah! Bear with me and my excitement, and impatience as I work on this comic! Comments are always appreciated! And thank you for reading!

❤︎ Your lovely author/artist,
Monique C.

P.S. You can use the arrow keys to navigate pages. Isn’t that neat? You should do that now. 😉