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Oh boy, what’s going on here?

Oh boy, what’s going on here? published on No Comments on Oh boy, what’s going on here?

So you all know Glass Hearts has a mirror on Tapas, which used to be named Tapastic (which I kept misspelling for a while as “Taptastic”). Not sure if anyone from there listened to my repeated “GO TO THE MAIN SITE” phrases. But today something surfaced on Twitter. Something very concerning, which you’ll read under the cut.


I’ve said this all along: GH on Tapas is JUST A MIRROR. So imagine my astonishment reading that tweet come up on my TweetDeck.
I think the good things for me are:

  1. I self-published before posting on Tapas. Senior year of college, March 2013. I HAVE PHOTO EVIDENCE OF HAPPY SELFIES, WHEN I CAME HOME TO THOSE COPIES DAMMIT!
  2. I got this website a month before posting on Tapas. November 2013.
  3. Hell, I posted t-shirts and prints before all that. (Not that anyone bought anything, but STILL!)
  4. And also: I was on Tapas before this stupid TOS change.

I’m trying not to panic at the moment. I feel like with the amount of attention this has gotten, Tapas might respond to this. And possibly ease my increasing worries. So I am waiting for that.

If they don’t ease my worries with their response, and let me emphasize this:

I will not hesitate to remove Glass Hearts from Tapas.

I will link to this post in tomorrow’s update over at Tapas, and really emphasize that if they want a reliable place to read this comic, it’s here. If you’re here from Tapas, please comment with even just a simple greeting. Because I really can’t tell if anyone from there is here right now, lol.

Thank you for your continued support! Wow, chapter 8 is being posted! How exciting! Not sure what to say other than “THESE SOCCER ACTION DRAWINGS EMBARRASS ME, BUT AT LEAST I TRIED REALLY HARD!!” and “LIAM IS CUTE! PLEASE SOMEONE NOTICE HIS CUTENESS!!!

MONIQUE ✪ C_〆(´////`;)