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Update on Tapas mirror:

Update on Tapas mirror: published on 5 Comments on Update on Tapas mirror:

Today is the final day of Glass Hearts being at Tapas.

They, at first, said they’d do a clarification later on. But that what they said…was basically what it said. That they have “connections” to “places”, and they’d give better deals than what other companies gave other creators. (I’m guessing like Hiveworks and stuff?) I didn’t want anything of being under any company for my comic on there. I just wanted free hosting for a mirror, LOL.

To any of my 500 800+ fans on Tapas who made it here:
welcome and thank you for coming! I’m glad to see you! ( ‘ v ‘ )/”

If you want automatic notifications, you can subscribe to this site’s RSS feed. I use Inoreader for my RSS needs (including other comics) and it serves me well. I’m probably going to make and schedule some Twitter notifications in the coming days. So follow me on @samuraitastic as well!


Thank you for reading,
MONIQUE ✪ C_〆(´▽`;)☆

  • Kahbbie

    It really sucks about the Tapastic situation. They really messed up but thank you for pointing out Inoreader! I’ve been using Feedly and been disappointed that it only allows 100 subscriptions but Inoreader has unlimited subscriptions so now my webcomic obsession can be fully realized. Are you planning on making any mirrors with other websites?

    • You’re welcome! Before that, I was using Google’s RSS feed (I forget what it was called) – and they recommended it.
      I’m considering going back to SmackJeeves again because hey, at least it’s still there and I’m pretty familiar with it. I’d just have to do something with the old GH there, LOL.

      • Kahbbie

        I was using that one too (Google Reader), Inoreader is super easy to use and has great ways to view articles, I immediately switched and am very glad I did!
        See I was thinking the same thing, Smackjeeves seems to be the most popular out of the website hosting places besides Tapastic. Webtoons is apparently also a good one?
        And a lot of people use Tumblr with a webcomics theme as well which is also a nice option.

        • Oh that’s it! Yeah, it’s really nice~ ( ˘ v ˘ )
          I gotta read up more on Webtoons because I know next to nothing about it, lol.
          Hm…I could use Tumblr too. I’ll take my time to consider where to go for a mirror.

  • Yeah that whole situation sucks but its important that you left it. :[
    ALSO wowie! 800+ fans crossed over! Thats such good news ♥♥