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if it wasn't for the acting, he'd be a total NEET


  • 17 → March 7th → Pisces
  • Likes: pancakes, steak, chiptune/8-bit music, video games, giant monster (kaiju) movies, hoodies, platypuses, and acting.
  • Dislikes: winter, physical education, sports (in general), math, and dressing up.
    • Charismatic and full of energy, this awkwardly tall and skinny boy is just as theatrical in plays as he is in every day life. Michael doesn’t like to take anything seriously, and just wants to enjoy every day to the fullest with no regrets. In contrast to the hard work he puts into school plays, he is lazy to an incredible degree.
  • Jess Schultz

    Yooooo~ I just realized. Michael has the same birthday as me! For some reason he’s become my favorite character so far in this version of Glass Hearts. Such a dork. What a cute. <3