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» Toshiya Kato

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chances are if he looks strung out, he's really on something


  • 16 → October 29th → Scorpio
  • Likes: partying, electro music, cherry pie, sleeping around / sex / etc, eating, action movies, and soccer.
  • Dislikes: school, reading, snakes, and a lack of background sound.
    • Two ‘c’s about this Japanese-American boy are ‘crazy’ and ‘chain smoker’. Toshiya appears to be relaxed constantly, despite being the captain of the soccer team. He tends to exaggerate anything and everything, whether it’s positive or negative. When he puts in the effort, he is actually incredibly intelligent: except he doesn’t 99% of the time. What he does put effort into is: 1) his friends, 2) having fun, and 3) girls.