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CH1 – 01

CH1 – 01 published on No Comments on CH1 – 01

Alrighty, let’s get this party started!

This is the first page, so I’m going to let you guys know of a few things: I originally did this chapter for my college senior thesis. I literally had to finish all 59 pages within 2 1/2 months. I wanted to get physical copies printed, so I had to finish by the end of March. My right thumb was out of commission for a while, not to mention I had to skip days of school because of this.

Because this was my first self-publishing venture in four years and trying a new site, I had a lot of trouble understanding the template. So many pages are modified just for the webcomic. I’ve learned since then, but yeah…just wanted to clear the air before we really get going.

The house took so much time that the hours flew by. And I tweeted about drawing moving trucks, and the company I parodied (should be obvious) replied their interest in seeing what I drew. Needless to say, that still amuses me today.

Also if you haven’t learned, I tend to type at length out of habit. Forgive me in advance.