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VALENTINE’S ’17 – SPECIAL published on No Comments on VALENTINE’S ’17 – SPECIAL

WOW! It’s not focused on Charlie! I wanted to do something fresh, since doing Valentine’s scenarios for just Charlie and Peter is getting a bit stale. Since Liam is the 2nd main character, it’s only natural that this year’s special would go to him.
“IS THIS CANON?” NO IT IS NOT CANON. :^) As for if this pairing is gonna happen: only my patrons that have seen my sketchbooks know.
ANYWAYS! I’m not 100% and my limited energy has been spent on IRL duties and trying to fit in exercise/therapy alongside said duties – so forgive me for the wait!
If you follow my NEW TWITTER @samuraitastic (FOLLOW MY NEW TWITTER DAMMIT), you would’ve known I’ve been working on this lol. I would’ve posted it earlier for Patreon, but I just finished it yesterday. In fact, I’ve only had 3 days.

As for when chapter 8 will be posted – you’ll know on Twitter. Because I have fixed one BIG thing I wanted to fix, but I still gotta finalize everything in Photoshop. At the earliest, sometime next month.