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Oh boy, what’s going on here?

Oh boy, what’s going on here? published on 1 Comment on Oh boy, what’s going on here?

So you all know Glass Hearts has a mirror on Tapas, which used to be named Tapastic (which I kept misspelling for a while as “Taptastic”). Not sure if anyone from there listened to my repeated “GO TO THE MAIN SITE” phrases. But today something surfaced on Twitter. Something very concerning, which you’ll read under the cut.Continue reading Oh boy, what’s going on here?

1000years later

1000years later published on No Comments on 1000years later

Wahahaha, I am still alive I swear! Hi! Hello! I’m gonna summarize stuff in a few bullet points:

  • Family medical situation had me continuing to help a little beyond May. To be honest, I forget how long. It involved helping out with physical therapy and stuff.
  • Speaking of which, I tried cortisone shots, and then subsequent appointments later, found out I’m double-jointed. And overstress of that causes tendonitis (how about that).
  • From August to October, I went for physical therapy.
  • As usual with every year, Thanksgiving killed me. Holidays killed me.

So here I am now!! Here’s some good news more relevant to here:

  • Let me explain. In December, for some bizarre reason, I suddenly got the hugest momentum of ideas and writing IN YEARS. So much that I kept writing and writing and writing and writing until finishing it. It’s still surreal to me. I’ve never finished writing it until 2016. So to those who are like “WHAT A SHITTY YEAR” – yeah, 2016 was kinda shitty for me too, BUT I FINISHED WRITING GLASS HEARTS, FAMILY HEALTH IS GETTING BETTER, SECOND AVALANCHES ALBUM FINALLY HAPPENED, NEW UNDERWORLD ALBUM, FUCK YOU 2016 HAD GOOD THINGS ABOUT IT.
  • Ahem. I finally finished the backlog of rewards for Patreon, which means more time for Glass Hearts comic (FINALLY).
  • Though I still gotta do some goal rewards, like sketch videos. (I cry thinking about the latter, lol. Computer, don’t lag on me bruh.)
  • I tried plugging in the intuos3 randomly and it turned on?! So yeah, I have gone back to my first love. The “pen tapping several times in one spot” quirk the Huion H610Pro was doing to me finally brought me to this point, lol. But I will need to replace it anyway because one instance of plugging it in didn’t register. Checked eBay and it’s super affordable to buy another one (of just the tablet – I’ve kept the pen and mouse safe, so no need to get those). (Hearing about new Wacom tablets makes me sad, lol. Gonna stick with ye olde faithful.)
  • (Who the hell needs 2000+ pen pressure? What is even the point of more? People complain about the Surface Pro4’s, but it’s the same amount as the intuos3. So…lol. I don’t see the problem at all.)

I’ve been contemplating the Valentine’s Special. YES! THERE WILL BE A 2017 VALENTINE’S SPECIAL! I’m going to choose this as a starting point to start updates up again. I’ve freed up space on the laptop, so I’ll be doing the fixes to chapter…8 (?) that I need to do soon and have that ready before starting the Valentine’s Special. As for what will be in it, lmao I have no fucking idea despite thinking since December. So ripperino pastarino, it could be another last-minute idea.

Somehow I’ve gained fans on Tapastic despite not doing ANYTHING on there. So for both old and new fans: thank you for sticking with me! I’m still not 100% and I still have to exercise and such. And when I get a job this year (so help me, I’m gonna get something), I might have less time to work on it. But I’m still determined! ( º v º)9″

MONIQUE ✪ C_〆(´▽`;)☆

(P.S. – I’m gonna make a new layout/theme because I’m tired of this background. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)