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chapter 3 + anniversary incoming–!

chapter 3 + anniversary incoming–! published on No Comments on chapter 3 + anniversary incoming–!

Next week, chapter 2 is ending! How exciting is that? Before the omake / author’s note, I would like to thank everyone who is reading along!

If you noticed, sometimes pages didn’t post on time. This is either WordPress or the plug-in I am using being weird as all heck. I scheduled all pages to be posted exactly at 4 PM EST, yet they would not get published until…I don’t even know, 30 minutes to an hour or more later. So whenever I remembered a page would be posted, I would fiddle with the date for it to be published right then and there. Crossing my fingers that the pages I scheduled recently will post on time!

Speaking of scheduled recently, chapter 3 is set and ready to be posted! We’re going from 4 pages a week to 2. Why? Because I gotta extend that buffer, and give myself more time to not only work on this comic, but other things! Anyways, it’ll update on Fridays and Saturdays at 4 PM EST (this being a given that the plug-in / WP will do what I tell it to do).

Anyways you might notice an actual donation button on the page: yup, I am taking donations now! I’m paying for the website month by month, and any donations would go to that. If they go beyond the month’s payment, then they’ll go towards my loans. Also don’t forget that I have a Patreon! You can donate as low as $1 a month. But if you want to donate more, that is okay too! I’ll make a custom button and (try to) put it alongside the donation button.

OH I ALMOST FORGOT: May 12th is the 8th Anniversary of Glass Hearts! Of course, that isn’t an update day, but there will be something special appearing that day anyway! Look forward to it!

❤︎ Your lovely workaholic author/artist,
Monique C._〆(´∀`)

fixes + patreon + schedule change

fixes + patreon + schedule change published on 2 Comments on fixes + patreon + schedule change
  • Not sure if any of y’all noticed, but for some strange reason the page navigation was wonky. As in some pages linked to others and some didn’t. I still don’t know what caused this in the first place, but I managed to fix that problem. Thank you, TruelyMe and Lena, for letting me know of this!! If anyone has any problems with the site or anything, definitely let me know and I’ll see what I can do.
  • I have set up a Patreon roughly…a week or two ago: So if you’d like me to keep making these pages, and be able to keep up with payments for this website, please consider donating!
  • Starting with chapter 3, this comic will either update once or twice a week rather than three times a week. (Twice on Friday and Saturday is more likely.) I like the buffer I have between updates and making pages, so I want to keep that up. But at the same time, keep moving. There are no changes to the schedule chapter 2 is on, so you can rest easy on that.


  • As for where I’m at now, I am about to begin drawing chapter 5. All of the files with typed dialogue and thumbnails have been set up, so all I need to do is just do it.
  • I recently ordered some memo books (by Field Notes) and I did so much setting updating yesterday. No, I didn’t go into drawing this without a setting hammered down because I definitely did. It just needed a heavy update. And it just feels easier to do with a small memo book than anything else (3.5″ x 5.5″, by the way). And I haven’t had a fresh one in years, so it feels quite revitalizing. That probably sounds weird because “Pfft, why would a memo book do that to you?” I’m…easy to please like that. (Why does that sound familiar?)
  • If you want a pen recommendation for said memo (this does matter), the LePen Technical Drawing Pen is glorious. I’m using the size .03 for the first time in my life and I can’t get enough of it. It’s weird how new supplies give you a fresh injection of motivation. (F-for me, it does…)

Also I will update the character page after chapter 2 with the characters that debuted in said chapter. So if you’re wondering about that, don’t worry: I got this.

❤︎ Your lovely workaholic author/artist,
Monique C._〆(´∀`)